Friday, 26 August 2011

Ayesha & Somaiya Pakistani Designer

Setting new dimensions in traditional designing has gained attention to Pakistani emerging fashion designers Aisha and Somaiya who coming from a textile oriented background launched their fashion brand “Ayesha-Somaiya” in 2008.

In the queue of two designers’ one fashion line, Somaiya Adnan and Ayesha Sohail are the budding talent earning more fame due to their currently exhibited bridal outfits at Style360 Bridal Couture Week held in Karachi. The extravaganza of their bridal designs 2011 was outstanding as each outfit was carved out with both extrinsic and intrinsic details. The signature use of combined luxurious fabric and mesmerizing details endowed an irresistible charm to Ayesha-Somaiya bridal designs who excel in artful creations ever.

Somaiya Adnan has her focus on producing couture whereas Ayesha Sohail generates luxury prĂȘt, cocktail and chic casuals. Both concentrate on sophistication of eastern and western cuts thus the attires so produced contain plenum of both quality and design. Due to their exclusive touch and fineness designers Ayesha and Somaiya have set powerful impact in fashion world and have been showcasing their outfits at Dubai, Karachi and Lahore with clients including from U.A.E, USA and Pakistan.


Ayesha & Somaiya at Bridal Couture Week 2011

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