Sunday, 9 October 2011

Kash Husain Pakistani Designer

Kash Husain is one of the best Pakistani fashion designers producing chic and trendy menswear for modern men on the go as depicted through his recent fashion collection “Transgression” presented at 2010 Pakistan fashion week.
Pakistani fashion designer Kash Husain carries urban proficiency to design modern clothes for men with an expression of diversification and versatility keeping his major focus on western cuts, luscious colors, plush fabric and alluring textures.
The Kash Husian collection at Pakistani Fashion Week 2010 presented by an unusual name “Transgression” truly tells his inspiration taken from the idea ‘draping the metro man on the go with successes’ and aims little bit adventurous for men looking for something different to wear. Using 130 super wool, double/single georgette and pure cotton in black, silver, gold and copper in different styles of long coats paired with narrow trousers Kash Husain has bring forth new ideas and bold designs that are easy to approach.
Since his debut in Pakistan fashion in 1999 Pakistani fashion designer Kash Husain has endeavored to embrace latest trends, colors and patterns to represent success of youth couple producing quality menswear and has designed luxurious men’s jackets, suits, sherwanis and eccentric shirts to meet that specification.
Pakistani Fashion designer Kash Husain has also utilized best of his creativity and innovation to bring in use economical material and fabric available to produce unique outfits for men that may not burden common men in Pakistan to be dress up elegantly as that other fashion designers do.

Kash Hussain at Fashion Pakistan Week 2010

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