Thursday, 13 October 2011

Libas Pakistani Designer

Pakistani fashion brand Libas is the name of perfection and purity carried forth by internationally recognized Pakistani fashion designer Sehyr Saigol who is a very familiar name in Pakistani fashion industry.

Sehyr Saigol Pakistani fashion designer has endeavored to showcase Pakistani fashion through her elegantly created Libas outfits and is well known due to her clean tailoring lines, details and embroidery. Thus the Pakistani fashion label Libas by Sehyr Saigol is endowed on beautiful patterns and designs that take its owner a step forward each time on ramp presenting fashion Pakistan zealously.
The minimalism done by Sehyr Saigol’s label Libas is fanciful and astonishing for clients and viewers who have an edgy eye for fashion world. They are always impressed by uniquely designed clothes of Libas that are gracefully stitched and prepared for fashionistas residing in or out of Pakistan. Fully incarnated for feminine beauty and style statement, the outfits by Libas carry eastern look together with immaculate beauty of Swat.
Libas Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Karachi 2010 is enriched with sophisticated royalty of Swat brushed over white and off white with golden embellishments. This collection presented on fashion ramp by Sehyr Saigol set new fashion trends in Pakistan and also in India, the UK, USA and the Middle East. Also, other collections by Libas such as Libas Collection at PFDC The Boulevard and Libas new collection that had sheer ruffles was much captivating and attractive to supply modish attires to women loving to own them.
Now here comes the other aspect of Pakistani fashion designer Sehyr Saigol working as CEO of Libas International Magazine. That is one of Pakistani fashion magazines publishing in India as well. In its editions Sehyr Saigol shows her exceptional abilities of designing attires gracefully. The collaboration of Sehyr Saigol with Maheen Khan also uplifted Pakistani fashion on international front. These two major fashion councils of Pakistan working together create magnificent outfits that are always praiseworthy by fashion lovers.

Libas Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Karachi 2010
Libas Collection at PFDC The Boulevard
Libas new collection

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