Monday, 19 September 2011

Ismail Farid Pakistani Designer

Catering sensual menswear both of eastern and western flair is the playful trait of Pakistani fashion designer Ismail Farid who has just banged in Pakistani fashion industry few years before with his classic designs and conscious tailoring techniques. Ismail Farid runs his own contemporary fashion label Ismail Farid that has made a special place in market and has become a trademark for modern designs lovers.
Ismail Farid is the young Pakistani fashion designer who worked at an American brand Rampage in New York and launched his own fashion brand Ismail Farid successfully in 2005, the boutiques launched at the Mall Lahore and recently in the Zamama market of Karachi where Ismail Farid fashion designer deals with shirts made of cotton, linen and of many other materials. Ismail Farid had also been nominated for Lux Style Award for ‘Best Upcoming Designer' in 2007 and followed successive nominations in 2008 and 2009 for ‘Best Men's Wear Designer'.
Pakistani fashion label Ismail Farid offers a complete range of men suiting, shirts, dresses, trends and designs with aim of blending social awareness through design aesthetics in way to create contemporary and expressive designs for men for which Pakistani fashion designer Ismail Farid always prefers his customers’ choice and comfort.
Ismail Farid Pakistani fashion designer produces a fusion of modern designing techniques and innovative cuts focusing all age groups and endeavors to achieve highest place in market for which he is loyal to fashion label Ismail Farid. One of the exceptional works of Ismail Farid include the salute collection by Ismail Farid that he designed to tribute valor to Pakistani Army especially to those who had lost their lives during war against terrorism through sober cuts and clean details that also salute the brave and courageous soldiers.
Pakistani fashion designer Ismail Farid has also worked on videos and commercials with reputable directors like Asim Raza and his fashion label Ismail Fardi has provided wardrobe to top Pakistani brands like Mobilink to run campaign.


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