Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Enchanted Jewels by Saba Ghauri Pakistani Designer

Saba Ghauri of Enchanted Jewels is known for crafting exceptional jewelry designs. With her unique and extravagant jewelry she allures its customers and has become a famous name in jewelry designing world.

Born on the 17th of june 1982. Saba Ghauri spent her entire youth in Karachi until she got married and moved to Lahore in 2005. She majored in Economics and management from London School of Economics but always had the knack for creativity.

Her creativity skills started when she was only 13 and was selling hand painted fabric amongst friends and relatives. The entrepreneurial skills never seemed to leave her since then.She eventually started designing clothes and operated from home until she had kids and took a break from work.

Three years back she came across the most beautiful semi precious stones while travelling and decided to take things from there. Handmade semi precious statement jewellery was the next best thing after the steep price hike in precious metals (gold and silver). Also the term "accessorize" went along very well with the theme of the jewels, where the necklaces took over heavy embellishments and fashion was reinvented.

"The Tale of Enchanted Jewels is of Thousands of Years"

Semi precious stones have always been part of the royal attire. They have charmed the niche of all eras and all seasons. They not only look good but are affordable as well. The good thing about stone jewellery is that it can be worn with casual or formal attire. With changing seasons around us these " Statement Necklaces" will bring life to any wardrobe along with some unique qualities of the stones. RE INNOVATE STYLE with Enchanted and cherish these exotic stones in unique handmade settings.

The collections available at LABELS, Lahore , L ATELIER, Islamabad and by appointment in Karachi.


"Midnight" Jewellery Collection 2011
"Summer of Love" Jewellery Collection 2011

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